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      The NBP air-cooled 30/40/50KW Ferro-resonant Constant Current Regulator (CCR), FAA Type Number FA-10720, is designed to supply five-precision output current levels (20 amps maximum) to power series lighting loops on airport approach lighting systems, runways and taxiways.

The NBP 30/40/50KW CCR receives 480 Vac ± 10%, single phase, 2 wire, 60Hz ±3% input power. It provides five regulated current levels while driving loads over a range of 30KW, 40KW, and 50KW without adjustments (no output tap changes required). It provides power with greater than 92% efficiency and 0.95 power factor at current level 5 (20 amps) for a load range of 30 KW to 50 KW.

The NBP 30/40/50 KW CCR is designed per FAA specification FAA-E-2689a. Its state machine controlled circuitry enables it to supply an output current with better than 0.2% accuracy of full scale for all variations in output load from short circuit to full load (50KW). The CCR is designed to automatically de-energize when an over-current or open circuit condition is detected in the lighting loop. The CCR is equipped with a digital indicator that displays the output current measurement with better than 0.5% accuracy.

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